1. CONTRACT RATES – The advertisements published during the CONTRACT PERIOD shall be charged in accordance to the rates hereinafter appearing and/or as found in the PUBLISHER’S CURRENT RATE CARD.
  2. POSITION OF ADVERTISEMENTS – The PUBLISHER shall publish all advertisements booked in the run-on-page unless it has been specifically agreed upon by the Parties that the advertisements with loadings be published as per the ADVERTISER’S/PUBLISHER’S letter of offer and/or space/media order(s).
  3. RATE REVISION – The Publisher reserves the right to revise the CONTRACT RATE(S) from time to time after giving the ADVERTISER one month’s notice.
  4. CANCELLATION OF BOOKING – A 20% surcharge of cont rac ted rate will be charged upon advertisement s, which are withdrawn before booking deadline and 50% af ter booking deadline. No cancellation will be accepted after material deadline. The publisher reserves the right to levy full charges/or not to accept cancellations and /or transfers.
  5. PUBLISHER’S SPACE ORDER / MEDIA ORDERS – The ADVERTISER shall execute the PUBLISHER’S SPACE ORDER and / or furnished a MEDIA ORDER when making booking(s) PROVIDED ALWAYS that the PUBLISHER shall be at liber ty to accept, reject or alter wholly or partly any terms and conditions in the said MEDIA ORDER without giving the ADVERTISER notice thereof.
  6. SUSPENSION / REJECTION / CANCELLATIONS – The PUBLISHER reserves the right to suspend or cancel any advertisement booked and/or accepted for publication by the PUBLISHER in the event of non-payment of overdue account by the ADVERTISER. The Publisher shall not be liable for any omissions, rejections, suspensions or cancellations of any advertisements booked and/or accepted for publication, payment received by the PUBLISHER notwithstanding.
  7. CHANGE OF PUBLICATION DATE (S) / PAGE (S) / POSITION (S) / SECTIONS) – Whilst every endeavour is made to adhere to the date(s) / pages(s) / position(s) / sections(s) of publication when these are specifically stated by the ADVERTISER, the PUBLISHER reserves the right to change to other date(s) / page(s) / position(s) / section(s) without prior notice or reference to the ADVERTISER and the PUBLISHER shall not be liable for any loss whatsoever occasioned by the failure of any of the advertisement(s) to appear on those specified date(s) / pages(s) / position(s) and section(s).
  8. ALTERATIONS – The PUBLISHER shall have the right to make alteration(s) whatsoever considered necessary or desirable or to require any copies to be amended to meet the PUBLISHER’S approval without prior approval of the ADVERTISER or the need to give the ADVERTISER prior notice.
  9. REPRODUCTION – The PUBLISHER shall not be liable for any unsatisfactor y reproduction, er rors, omissions if the copies / materials supplied by the ADVERTISER are not made to the PUBLISHER’S specifications as contained in the PUBLISHER’S CURRENT RATE CARD.
  10. MATERIALS – The PUBLISHER reserves the right to destroy all advertising negatives / positives, copies, films, ar tworks
    (hereinafter referred as “MATERIALS”) which have been in the PUBLISHER’S custody for two months or more PROVIDED
    ALWAYS that written instructions have been given to the contrar y by the ADVERTISER and these instructions were
    accepted by the PUBLISHER. The MATERIALS are kept at the sole risk of the ADVERTISER.
  11. COMPLAINTS – All complaints on advertisements published must be made by the ADVERTISER in writing to the PUBLISHER
    within one day from the date of publication. The PUBLISHER shall be at liberty to cause a corrective advertisement to be
    published at the earliest convenient date or it may choose to make other compensation as the PUBLISHER deems fit.
  12. INVOICES – All invoices unless stated otherwise are payable within thirty (30) days from the publication date. The PUBLISHER
    reserves the right to impose interest of 1.5% per month on overdue accounts calculated from the due date to the date of full
  13. INDEMNITY – The ADVERTISER shall indemnify and keep the PUBLISHER indemnified against all claims, legal suits, demands,
    losses, costs and expenses whether actual or potential in respect of any advertisement published at the request of the ADVERTISER.

    a) The parties hereto the AGREEMENT, hereby agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in Shah Alam and/or Kuala
    Lumpur in the event of any litigation.

    b) The ADVERTISER shall be liable to pay all fee and expenses including the PUBLISHER’S (on a Solicitor to Client basis), if credit
    facilities granted to the ADVERTISER is to be recovered by any process of the law or by the PUBLISHER’S solicitors.

  15. AGREEMENT – The AGREEMENT shall supercede all previous Agreements and Undertakings, written or oral entered into (if any)
    between the Parties and takes precedence over the terms and conditions as contained in the PUBLISHER’S SPACE ORDER (S) or
  16. TIME – Whenever mentioned, shall be the essence of the AGREEMENT.

    The parties hereto hereby agree that the PUBLISHER shall be entitled to terminate the agreement before the expiry of the
    CONTRACT PERIOD in the event of the following: –

    a) When the ADVERTISER fails to settle all outstanding monies and due to the PUBLISHER and the outstanding sum(s) is not
    received by the PUBLISHER after given due notice.

    b) When the ADVERTISER breaches any of the terms and conditions as specified in the AGREEMENT and / or the PUBLISHER’S


    All advertisements must abide by various advertising restrictions and regulations, which includes: –

    – All advertisements must conform to the Malaysian Code of Advertising Practice.

    – All advertisements pertaining to medicine, infant food, health products and treatment affecting the human body must comply
    with the Medicines (Advertisement & Sale). Act 1956(Revised -1983) and the Medicine Advertisement s Board
    Regulations 1976.

    – All advertisements on residential properties must bear necessary approval code number from the Ministry of Housing
    and Local Government.

    – All tour enterprises incorporated in Malaysia must be registered with the Tourist Development Corporation (TDC) and their
    advertisements must bear the enterprise’s registration number.

    – All discount / sales ad must bear the approval code from the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.


    – Advertisers with good track record are those who settled their invoices and statements within 45 days from the publication
    date. Credit terms for advertisers in the category of pub, discos, event management and circus will be reviewed on a case-bycase

    – Ringtone players advertisers and new advertiser are enquire to pay cash prior to publication of the advertisement.