Variety of best seller cookbooks are published by Evergreen Publisher Sdn. Bhd. ‘Bicara Kek’, ‘Bicara Biskut’, ‘Cookie Talk’, ‘Cake Talk’, ‘Bread Talk’, ‘Rahsia Pastri’, ‘Pastri & Kek Unggul’ and ‘Seni Biskut & Kek’ are popular among dessert lovers. The cookbooks display artistic culinary skills from renowned chefs from Malaysia and Taiwan like Wendy Kor, Chef Jimmy Chang and Chef Ku. The recipes featured are exceptional, delectable, unique, appetizing, exotic and sumptuous. The cookbooks contain step by step photos and easy instructions on how to prepare the dishes which are very helpful to readers.

The cookbooks are bilingual written in English and Bahasa Malaysia or English and Mandarin. They are sold with attractive price of RM 19.90 each.

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